Fracking Legislation in Springfield – Where We Stand

Sierra Club is opposed to fracking.  Fracking is devastating to communities and families all over the country — polluting our air and water, and contributing to the destabilization of our climate. That’s why the Sierra Club supports a moratorium on fracking in Illinois: we want to stop destructive drilling before it can start. Our responsibility… Continue reading Fracking Legislation in Springfield – Where We Stand

Protecting Illinois From Fracking

The prospect of the gas industry coming Illinois to extract gas from beneath our state using high-volume hydraulic fracturing has caused a great deal of controversy and concern, especially in parts of Illinois where leasing for drilling rights has been underway for well over a year. Horror stories from other states about open pits of… Continue reading Protecting Illinois From Fracking

Don’t Frack With Illinois!

That’s the message a growing coalition of organizations and concerned citizens is sending to industry and decision-makers regarding the proposal to open Illinois to high-volume hydraulic fracturing–or fracking. Gas leasing speculation has been quite a spectacle in Illinois, especially in the southeastern counties where shale gas development is thought to be the most promising. We… Continue reading Don’t Frack With Illinois!

No Safeguards? No Fracking!

Support SB 3280, House Amendment 3 The House is expected to vote soon! Please, contact your elected officials NOW and urge them to support SB 3280 House Amendment 3. Click here for a link to find your IL state representative. High volume hydraulic fracturing (fracking) is on our doorstep and operations in Illinois are scheduled… Continue reading No Safeguards? No Fracking!