During this crisis, support your neighbors across the state

The latest jobs report paints a startling picture of the U.S. economy, with millions of Americans unemployed. The last few months have been difficult for many Americans, and I hope that you and your loved ones are safe and healthy. If you are fortunate enough to be in good health and financially stable during this ongoing crisis, I have an urgent request for you: Please consider donating to people in need during this dangerous time. Below is a list of organizations that Illinois Chapter staff encourage you to support during this time.

In Chicago, like many other American cities, Black and Latinx communities have been hurt the hardest by this crisis. And in Little Village, a predominantly Hispanic neighborhood, a recent demolition sent a cloud of dust into homes at a critical time when people should be keeping their lungs healthy. We know that this disease is hurting Illinois and our country along all too familiar lines of class and race. While my colleagues and I at the Sierra Club work from home, I know many people do not have this privilege.

This troubling instance of environmental racism highlights the importance of community organizations fighting local polluters. Now more than ever, we need to fund these organizations who are doing vital work to advocate for and support their communities. The Little Village Environmental Justice Organization has created a COVID emergency response fund to support historically under-resourced neighborhood environmental justice organizations in Chicago.

Across our state, Governor Pritzker, along with United Way Illinois and the Alliance of Illinois Community Foundations is organizing the Illinois COVID-19 Response Fund that will be distributed to non-profits.

The largest coronavirus hotspot in Illinois is in the Cook County jail, where those without enough money to post bail are awaiting trial. The Chicago Community Bond Fund is helping those awaiting trial to leave the jail.

The Little Village Mutual Aid Fund serves the most vulnerable people in Little Village and its surrounding communities.

Food banks throughout Illinois including the Greater Chicago Food Depository are feeding those who are food insecure.

WINGS is providing resources and housing to those suffering from domestic violence.

IgniteConnections for the HomelessThe Night MinistryCornerstone Community, and La Casa Norte all help people without a home.

All Chicago provides financial aid for low-income individuals for their living and transportation needs.

Thresholds provides housing, mental health care, substance abuse treatment, and financial support throughout Chicago and Illinois.

Community Lifeline in East St. Louis is helping people pay for medication, utility bills and transportation, as well as feeding 200 additional people each week. Their community is also requesting help purchasing diapers, baby wipes and formula.

Please join me in standing in solidarity with these organizations and donate for hope and a better future for everyone. Thanks. We’re all in this together.