Want Open Space and Smart Transit? Take the IDOT Survey

Biker on Kinzie Street in Chicago. Photo by MichelleBikeWalkLincolnPark.

Biker on Kinzie Street in Chicago. Photo by MichelleBikeWalkLincolnPark.

The Illinois Department of Transportation is circulating a short survey soliciting public input on Illinois’ transportation investment priorities.  This is an important opportunity to let the state know that we want smart investments in transit, existing roads and bridges, and open space.  Click here to fill out the survey, and be sure to comment on locally needed repairs to existing infrastructure and promote the local transit and bike path projects proposed in your community in Box 4!

Our Overall Message:

The State of Illinois should invest in transit and our existing transportation infrastructure.  Public transportation and rail investments are powerful job creators, and help reduce our energy consumption.  Our existing roads and bridges should be our top priority for any highway projects.

The State should invest in a network of natural open space and waterways that will enhance parks and forest preserves, benefit wildlife habitat, expand recreational opportunities and generate economic return.  In 2014, The Trust for Public Land found that every $1 investment in parks and natural resources returns $4 in economic value.  Historically, state investments to protect the great outdoors have been funded through major capital initiatives.  Our last two capital bills created and funded the Illinois Open Land Trust, and those dollars were used to help protect our water supply and special places in our state.  Illinois’ next capital bill must also invest in the Open Land Trust if we are to save Illinois’ last special places.

What We Don’t Want:

Illinois should reject wasteful new projects that drain resources away from projects that will serve more citizens at lower cost.  We cannot afford to waste precious public dollars on boondoggles like the Illiana Expressway proposal in Will County, Rt 53 in Lake County, and I-66 in Southern Illinois, or the Peotone Airport.
Please take a moment to promote smart transit investments by filling out this survey. Be sure to include some of the above talking points in Box 4 of the survey, and personalize with your own local message.


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