Legislation To Unlock $30M For IL Solar Projects Goes To Quinn

Today the Illinois House passed House Bill 2427, which unlock $30 million in clean energy funds for Illinois solar energy projects.

Solar energy is ready to add cost-effective, pollution-free power to the Illinois electric grid, and create good jobs for our electrical workers, laborers, carpenters.  These funds won’t come from taxpayers, but have already been contributed by electric suppliers to the Renewable Energy Resources Fund.

We are confident that Illinois Power Agency Anthony Star Director and his team can invest these funds in Illinois projects that bring jobs and clean air to our cities, suburbs, and downstate communities. This is a great first step toward meeting goals Illinois has already set for increasing solar energy in our state. We salute the work of Senator Don Harmon and State Representative Gabel on this legislation, and we were proud to work with utilties, labor unions, consumer advocates, an solar businesses to develop this program.

Since Illinois set clean energy goals in 2007, we have seen over 20,000 jobs created, lower energy costs, and pollution reduced by the equivalent of removing one million cars from the road. To keep those benefits coming to Illinois, critical updates are needed to our Renewable Portfolio Standard, and we are disappointed that legislation that would make those updates did not pass this Spring. We will continue to advocate for proposals such as SB103 (Frerichs)/HB2864 (Mautino) that keep our Renewable Portfolio Standard working as a job creating, pollution reduction engine.

More information about our work to promote clean energy in Illinois is located at http://www.ILikeCleanEnergy.org