Governor Quinn Announces Expansion of Clean Water Initiative

Today in his State of the State address, Illinois Governor Quinn announced a major expansion of the Illinois Clean Water Initiative, which offers low-cost financing for clean water projects undertaken by Illinois communities. Quinn also proposed opening the program to new, innovative approaches to solving pollution and flooding problems such as using green infrastructure and measures to reduce polluted runoff from urban and rural areas. Sierra Club, Illinois Chapter Director Jack Darin had this response:

“Investing in clean water infrastructure is not only a great way to create good-paying jobs, but it also protects our water supply and our health. Governor Quinn’s Clean Water Initiative can lend critical support to Illinois communities as they clean up pollution in our rivers, lakes, and streams, and plan to keep our drinking water safe from future threats. These are smart investments that improve our economy today, and our environment for the future. These projects will include not only traditional projects like fixing pipes and upgrading sewage plants, but innovative approaches that restore nature’s ability to absorb rainwater and filter pollution out of our waterways. We urge Illinois communities to take advantage of the Clean Water Initiative’s financing tool to advance their efforts to improve water quality, and we urge the General Assembly to approve legislation to open the funding to new, innovative approaches to protect our rivers, lakes, and streams.”


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