Beware: A Scary Tale Forewarned

halloween catIt’s Halloween and North Canton Mine is up and running at last.
Everything the old hags, old folks and CACEI predicted has come to pass.
The animals are gone and the trees too.
The goblins can’t hide and scare you with a “boo.”

The eagles fly high with no place to perch.
Their nests are all gone, sending them on a search.
The coyotes have left with their nightly howling noise.
Now it’s blasting and lights to keep you annoyed.

Meanwhile back on the once beautiful land that had a story to tell,
The devil and his witches have destroyed our lake and wells.
The cemetery was moved, it’s gone and so went the dead.
This what the environmentalist foretold, with dread.

The underground railroad that saved many lives,
Was part of our history and now is gone forever instead.
Instead of “hoot, hoot, hoot”, the owls say “boo hoo”.
And the poor little Turtles Doves no longer coo.

Where once stood a deer so proud and tall,
Now he turns tail and runs as the trees fall.
The fertile farm fields are now in ruin, times are darkest,
There are no longer large crops for the farmers to harvest.

The beautiful streams that once flowed freely,
Are full of dead critters and fish on their bellies.
All by himself, stands a lonely scarecrow,
‘cause in the barren farmland, nothing will grow.

We rush to the faucet to get a drink, we try,
No water comes out, the well has gone dry.
Instead of clean vapors arising from the lake,
Now it’s just toxic gasses, to save the lake it’s too late.

The above-mentioned area is surely now a ghostly site,
A few temporary jobs will never set things right.
There go the monstrous trucks running down the highway,
Look out, get over or you’ll be squashed and left by the byway.

Witches around their Pot of Gold, cackling “hee, hee, hee”.
Just wait, time will tell, but it will be too late when the truth you see.
A coal mine with many skeletons in the closet,
To the Citizens of Canton, they really have “socked it.”

Thanks to CACEI (Canton Area Citizens for Environmental Issues) for their scary tale
Tell Governor Quinn to Protect the Prairie State from Mining Horror Stories!
Tell Governor Quinn to Protect the Prairie State from Mining Horror Stories!