Another Exciting Step For the Chicago River

Today’s announcement that the U.S. Department of Transportation is considering financing for the Chicago Riverwalk is the next exciting step in the recovery of the Chicago River.

For over a century, Chicagoans looked at this river as a way to get our sewage out of town, but those days are fading fast. The people of Chicago are flocking to the river for relaxation and enjoyment, and our leaders are working together to remake the Chicago River into a clean, healthy waterway that supports aquatic life and recreation, and attracts economic activity and visitors to its banks. We applaud Mayor Emanuel for his vision for the Chicago River as a second shoreline for our city, and his leadership in making the investments that will create good jobs giving us a healthier environment, and a more vibrant, attractive city for the future. We also thank Senator Durbin for his work on behalf of this project and the Chicago River, and the local, state, and federal agencies working to upgrade pollution controls and improve water quality in the river.

Thanks to the work of our leaders, and the support from Chicagoans across our city, we are transforming the Chicago River system into a priceless new asset for our city and our neighborhoods. Sierra Club members in Chicago are excited to see the progress we’ve made together so far, and look forward to working with the City in developing a Chicago Riverwalk that connects all of us to this waterway at the heart of our great city.


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