IDNR Funding Package Goes to Gov Quinn!!

Today the Illinois Senate approved legislation (SB1566) to provide desperately needed funding for Illinois’ state parks and conservation efforts. The Illinois Department of Natural Resources has been devastated over the last decade by severe cuts to their budget and payroll, leaving them stretched beyond capacity.

We applaud the terrific work of the lead sponsors of the legislation, House Deputy Majority Leader Frank Mautino and State Senator Toi Hutchinson, in building support for this new funding. We also thank Governor Quinn and IDNR Director Marc Miller for their efforts to rebuild the Department and win the confidence of bipartisan majorities in the House and Senate for this legislation.

We count on the IDNR to provide safe, quality outdoor recreation experiences that improve our quality of life and boost local economies, to protect our water supplies, and watch out for the health of our environment. With new, sustainable funding, the professionals at IDNR will continue to do their critical work, and us and future generations to enjoy Illinois’ great outdoors.

Find out how your Senator voted here.


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