Durbin, Kirk Fight Against Toxic Waste Dump

We applaud Senators Durbin and Kirk for their efforts to protect Central Illinois’ drinking water from the proposed toxic waste dump near Clinton.

The Mahomet Aquifer is the sole practical source of drinking water for large numbers of people in Illinois and a lynchpin for Illinois’ health and economic future. The aquifer will provide high quality drinking water for generations to come if it is protected, but not if contaminated by toxic PCBs. PCBs are some of the worst contaminants because their dangerous health impacts and because they last so long and do not break down.

Landfills will leak. It is just a matter of time. Monitoring wells do not detect all contaminant leaks, and it sometimes takes years before a pollution problem is found. There is no practical way to clean up underground contamination. PCBs at the landfill will be a ticking time bomb of toxic waste for generations to come.

We also applaud and support State Representatives Naomi Jakobsson and Chapin Rose in their efforts to ensure that all communities that draw water from this aquifer have a voice in protecting it. Most of those who turn on the tap and count on clean, Mahomet Aquifer water coming out weren’t consulted when a toxic waste dump was allowed on top of that aquifer. We call on state legislators to consider and approve Jakobsson and Rose’s proposal before adjourning this Spring, so all of those who drink from the Mahomet aquifer are represented in decisions about its future.

We are very fortunate to have the Mahomet Aquifer in central Illinois. Protecting it is not only vital for our health and economy today, but we all share an obligation to future generations to pass this life-giving resource on to them as clean as it is today.


One response to “Durbin, Kirk Fight Against Toxic Waste Dump

  1. I am Joe Hooker- Assistant City Attorney with the City of Champaign. I have been working with Representatives Rose and Jakobbson on house bill 6153 and can report that there apparently is mounting opposition to the bill in the Chicago Metropolitan Area. I would encourage your members who reside in that area to contact their state representatives and state senators to urge them to support House Bill 6153. If we cannot protect the mohomet aquifer, which serves as the sole community water source for 88 municipalities and an estimated 750,000 residents, from this foolish short sighted venture, other aquifers in the state will surely be at risk at some point in the future. This bill is going to the House Executive Committee this Tuesday so please contact your representaives ahead of that hearing.

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