Emanuel Shoots Down Gun Range Near Eagles’ Nests

eaglesStatement of Christine Williamson
Chair, Sierra Club, Chicago Group

“Sierra Club is thrilled and gratified by Mayor Emanuel’s decision to withdraw support for locating a new police firing range too near important and sensitive wetland habitat in the Lake Calumet region.

Mayor Emanuel’s decision will allow a variety of bird species, including nesting bald eagles, to flourish in this vital habitat right here in the City of Chicago. These wetlands are part of the proposed Millennium Reserve, which will allow visitors to experience their natural beauty. Now visitors to the Reserve and residents of nearby neighborhoods will be able to have a true urban wildlife experience, rather than hearing gunfire.”


One response to “Emanuel Shoots Down Gun Range Near Eagles’ Nests

  1. Leroy A Halpin

    How can the Sierra Club make recommendations for political office being so uninformed. Example one is Donna Miller who has never held office. Number 2 is Monique Davis who has been in the paper for stealing a work of art from Chicago State and who recently got press for giving away scholarships to several frineds and so forth. Ms Davis does not care about conservation or wildlife and who can possibly know what Mrs Miller even knows about conservation. I won’t even go into your choices for water commissioners. Don’t you folks get it. These politicians just say what you want to hear. Your method of selection of responsible candidates leaves a lot to be desired. Sierra Club pacs that only cover one political party also leave a bad taste in my mouth. First know the candidates and secondly be more open minded. How can I support an organization that uses tunnelvision to make its political choices. I can’t believe the brochure you recently sent out was put together by people in the know. And of course the money you spend for their votes. COME ON GET REAL

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