Normal to get “Revenge”? You bet!

Fisker Electric Sports Car outside the Chicago Premiere of "REVENGE OF THE ELECTRIC CAR" November 2011

No, we’re not advocating retaliation, just renewable electrification! This Thursday January 26th , Normal IL will host an EVening of EV’s as the hit movie “Revenge of the Electric Car” makes its way to the Normal Theater (encore showing Friday night). The event includes an EV gala with many of the newest electric cars on display, including the flashy Fisker and a Tesla Roadster that local Executive Producer Stefano Durdic will drive down from Chicago.  Following the 7pm screening there will be a panel discussion with Durdic, Normal Mayor Chris Koos and Joe Delello Mitsubishi’s Director of EV operations.

It’s becoming the norm in Normal to see electric vehicles cruise down Main street in this mid sized university town located about 130 miles outside of Chicago.  It is home to the only US Mitsubishi manufacturing plant, and has been dedicated 1,000 of the car company’s new electric vehicle called the “i”.  Normal is quickly earning its name EVtown as it plans and installs a robust network of charging stations.

Although you might not be able to distinguish an EV from a gas guzzler just by looking at it, a lack of noise (points for sneakability) and tailpipe emissions could help clue you in.  In President Obama’s 2011 State of the Union address, he set the goal of 1 million electric cars on the road by 2015. Now a year in, Illinois is doing its part to break our dependence on oil and move to cleaner sources of power generation, like the solar charging canopies I-GO car sharing is installing for 2012. The state of Illinois also offers residents a rebate of up $4,000 for electric vehicles and plug in hybrids from the Alternate Fuels Rebate Program.

For those who can’t make the EVening of EV’s in Normal, Revenge of the Electric Car is now out on DVD and a movie not to be missed.

More Event Details:

For more information on electric vehicles, check out Sierra Club’s Go Electric campaign.


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