Sand Mine Threatens Starved Rock

The LaSalle County Board is meeting Wednesday to decide whether Mississippi Sand, LLC should be granted a special use permit that would allow mining operations on property adjacent to Starved Rock State Park. Sierra Club along with Prairie Rivers Network, the Starved Rock Audubon Society and many of the area’s citizens are concerned about the potential detrimental impacts from the mining operation on LaSalle County natural areas, waterways and Starved Rock State Park.

Starved Rock State Park and the rare salt marshes in and around the proposed mine provide valuable habitat for a wide array of plant and animal life that will be directly and indirectly impacted by the noise, pollution, and constant activity generated by the mine. It is likely the mine will affect the hydrology and water quality that feeds these unique salt marshes. A detailed hydrology study is needed because the proposed development drains west into Starved Rock State Park and the millions of gallons of water pumped per day will alter the current mineral content of the salt springs and marshlands.

Over two million people visit Starved Rock State Park each year providing LaSalle County businesses with customers and local governments with revenues. This positive economic activity is based entirely on the experience of the visitor as they step out of their car into the beautiful canyons and listen to the sound of the waterfalls cascade. An active mine brings loud machinery, dust pollution and ceaseless truck traffic. A mine adjacent to the park won’t just scare off wildlife, but will lower park visitation rates and diminish economic benefits LaSalle County receives thanks to its beautiful natural areas.

Jobs and economic development are needed in LaSalle County but the location of this proposed mine threatens Starved Rock State Park, one of the County’s primary economic engines, and contradicts the county’s priorities for preserving natural areas and productive farmland. We are calling on the county zoning board to oppose the petition of Mississippi Sand, LLC for a special use permit to allow mining operations on property adjacent to Starved Rock State Park.


5 thoughts on “Sand Mine Threatens Starved Rock

  1. Ever fished an old stipmine or old gravel pit??Illinois has drained its wetlands ,cleared its timber,and is now farming fencerow to fencerow all for farming. I say mine it on the condition that it be made into a public access fishing /waterfowl lake when done.
    Bill Kulschbach Dunlap il

  2. Sand mining near Starved Rock would endanger the nesting and visiting./fishing eagle populaton that we go yearly to visit. So few areas where nature is at it’s best due to human intervention for $$$ w/o regard to those it displaces. Say NO to the sand mining proposition!!!!

  3. There are no names here, so please direct this message to the appropriate person… All opposed to further local exploitation by sand-mining companies, we need to meet, to discuss strategy ! … Contact: Farley Andrews, Ph: 815 313 5738

  4. Have we not messed with our natural resources enough. Why has anyone even considered this for a nano second. Starved Rock is a tourist attraction and has and will continue to make the area a ton of money, unless of course you mess it up with a mine. Perhaps the Federal Government should get involved and manage the welfare of Starved Rock, because clearly those of you involved don’t have the intelligence to do so.

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