Put Down the Electronic Gadgets and Get Outside This Weekend!

kid fly fishing

Playing outdoors is beneficial for a child's mind, body and spirit. All kids love to fish and as this young man demonstrates, never too young to cast a flyrod!

Father’s Day is this weekend and what better way to celebrate than to spend the day with the children in your life playing and exploring outdoors in nature.  The benefits to children of outdoor experiences are wide and varied. Besides the obvious health benefits of exercise, outdoor play stimulates the imagination, reduces stress and depression, and improves concentration and performance at school.  Children who spend time outdoors also gain an early appreciation and love of nature, increasing the likelihood that they will become strong advocates for the environment as adults.

So grab your kids and head to a local Forest Preserve, to one of our 139 State Parks and Recreation Areas , to one of the 9 U.S. Fish & Wildlife Refuges in Illinois, or down south to the Shawnee National Forest. From hiking, biking, swimming, fishing and canoeing to camping Wild Illinois is teaming with adventure for the whole family.

If your not sure what to do, not to worry! With the month of June proclaimed by Governor Pat Quinn, as Leave No Child Inside Month in Illinois, there is no shortage of cool, fun, family activities to choose from across the state this Father’s Day Weekend. Between the resources mentioned above,  the Illinois DNR Leave No Child Left Inside website and the Chicago Wilderness’ Kids Outside website you should have no problem finding an activity near you.

When you get back from your adventure, check back in here a post a comment about the fun you had. Also, you’ve go to check out  the Outdoors
Alliance for Kids (OAK), of which the Sierra Club is a founding member. OAK just launched a new Get Your Nature On Facebook application that will provide inspiration, encouragement and resources to young people who commit to getting physically active outdoors in nature this year.


One response to “Put Down the Electronic Gadgets and Get Outside This Weekend!

  1. They are cutting down most of our forest preserves here in WilCo. and some in Cook………Trees that have been here for a long time. WHY? To bad you dont have somehwere on this site to ask questions as to why the SIERRA CLUB is involved inthis madness?
    The signs that state “NO Intrusion” make no differnece here/ They are burning(out small animals) and distroying beautiful,oxygen giving trees?????????????Why.

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