MWRD Delays Disinfection Decision

We are very disappointed that MWRD failed to take action today in support of disinfecting the Chicago River.   Despite the heroic efforts of Commissioners Alvarez, Shore, and Spyropoulos to clean up the river, the MWRD Board did not act on a proposal that they reverse their longstanding opposition to disinfection.

Enough already – Chicagoans have been waiting for years to enjoy the river without fear of getting sick.   MWRD has heard from city, state, and federal government, and most importantly, the public, that it wants a clean and healthy Chicago River as soon as possible.   More than 40 days of hearings have been held by the Illinois Pollution Control Board. What more do they need to hear?   MWRD’s stubbornness is a threat to our health, and a disservice to Cook County taxpayers.

Change will come to the MWRD, and Chicagoans will have a healthy river.  It’s a shame that it has taken this long – apparently MWRD will be the last agency in Chicago to do its part in addressing this important public health issue.


One response to “MWRD Delays Disinfection Decision

  1. Average resident getting screwed by idealists

    The public favors disinfection? The public aka suburban cook county doesn’t even know this issue exists. A majority of Chicago residents don’t know it exists. Educate the residents of cook county. Tell them they get to pay so a handful can swim in the river. Nobody will ever swim in it. Ever. There’s much more to do than disinfect at 2 plants. Why is stickney excluded? People downstream of it don’t count? Hyperbole doesnt pay the bills, but the taxpayers of cook county will pay dearly for something that won’t make any difference to overall water quality. Are you all going swimming the day after disinfection starts? No way. Get real.

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